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The Pool

Outdoor swimming pool 10x4 salt-treated water

If you want to avoid crowed beaches, if you prefer to enjoy salt treatment for the pool instead of chlorine one and if you enjoy relax around the pool, don’t go further. You have found the right place to stay.

 Enjoy the pool and relax…

You will enjoy the benefits of the salt-treated swimming pool, without chlorine. Salt is natural so it does not have the disadvantages of chemicals, such as chlorine for example, on the health of bathers. It does not present any risk of irritations or allergies for the eyes and the skin; it is also odorless.

Tranquility is a key-word

The pool is situated near the house but at the perfect distance to allow you some privacy. Young kids under the age of 8 are not allowed in our bed and breakfast for security reasons. 

Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing will be the key words of these moments of relaxation in a quiet surrounding.
You have the pool at your disposal at any time. Thanks to the small number of bedrooms, the pool will never be crowed. Towels for the pool are available in your bedroom. You will relax either reading, surfing on the web or dreaming… 

Lounge chairs are the perfect place to stay if you have decided to relax after visits in the area.